April 04, 2010

Desasiswa Appeal

To medic students who are not successful in applying for desasiswa and believes that he/she deserves to get, please follow these instructions..

1) Appeal for Desa with the standard procedures
2) Prepare a short profile with ur name, matric num etc.
3) Write a formal appeal letter addressing to Timbalan dekan akademik PPSP stating your reasons
4) Insert a print screen of your MyActivity from the healthycampus website. Make sure it is readable and please make sure your merit is sufficiently high.
5) Add any extra supporting documents that may help. Eg, proof of family financial status
6) Wait for the appeal results.. pls do not send before the appeal results, as I wouldnt know whether u have managed to appeal or not.
7) In case you still fail to appeal, within 3 days after the appeal results are out..
a) For Year 1, 2 and 4, please approach Liew Yen Yee personally and give me the documents.
b) For Year 3, please email to me (for email read below..)
Note: Late applications wont be entertained..

There are no guarantees here but PSP will try our best to fight for medic students place in desa through our timbalan dekan.

For further details, please refer to