November 23, 2009

10 Little Things that Matters a lot to Patients

1. Wish your patients, "Good Morning" during
morning round and "Good Night" at the end of the
day. Also wish them well & happy, and hopefully never be back again with sickness when they are discharged.

2. Smile to your patients whenever you meet them - they are the most important people in your medical career. Your smile should be part of your therapeutic management. It is FOC and effective with no side effects.

3. Educate your patients on their medical problems in a way comprehendible to them. It is partly your failure if they don't understand their problem and the reason for their admission.

4. Let your patients know in advance on whatever procedures that you are planning for them e.g. ECG, ECHO, Ultrasound, CT Scan, OGDS etc. Give them the time to be mentally prepared.

5. Entertain your patients' doubts, fears and worries with compassion even though it sounds ridiculous to you. Do remember that your fear could be different from your patients' fear.

6. Show your patients that the needle has been taken off after inserting a venofix. This is an effective treatment for psychological pain. A great healer should heal the mind and body.

7. Medicine works better if your patient knew the reasons for taking it, and has confidence that it works. Don't forget to remind your patient on that when serving medicine.

8. Tell your patients the reasons and importance of taking their blood for investigations. Remember that it is their BLOOD - don't steal it from them!

9. Plan your blood taking on your patients so that the number of venepuntures can be minimized as much as possible to avoid unnecessary pain.

10. Respect your patients' privacy. Don't forget to close the curtains when examining them.

TENDER LOVING CARE (TLC) should be prescribed to all patients in high dose & at least QID irrespective of the diseases they have.

By Dr. Phang Cheng Kar (M.D.)

MMA Medical Student - Bowling Competition – FREE!

MMA-Kelantan has organized a bowling competition to be held on the 11th of December 2009 at Mutiara Bowling, Kota Bharu. The competition will begin at 8.00 p.m. and is estimated to end at 11.00 p.m. Participants include members of MMA from all over Kelantan – Doctors from all over Kelantan.
20 places are open to MMA medical student members – 2 players in a team (10 teams).

Free T-Shirt and free food will be provided, and the best part is it’s all FREE!

Grab this chance and show off your bowling skills and compete with doctors from all over Kelantan!

Interested members please text your full name, matrix number, IC number and year of study to
Chee Wai Hong @ 012-2525287 or
email to
(transport is not provided)

Be part of MMA to enjoy these and many more benefits!

*MMA forms available from Exco Perhubungan Luar PSP, Chee Wai Hong, 4th year medical student – 012-2525287

November 21, 2009

Workshop in Grand River View Hotel

ORL Club of HUSM, together with MMA and Solvay Pharma had recently organized a Balance Disorder Workshop in Grand River View Hotel, Kota Bharu on the 12th of November 2009. 2 speakers from ORL Department of HUSM – Assoc Prof Dr Baharudin Abdullah and Dr Mohd Khairi Daud, were present to provide an update and educate doctors from primary care settings on office management of Vertigo. The workshop lasted 2 hours, and includes a demonstration on maneuvers used to examine and treat patients with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). At the end of the programme, participants were invited to a buffet dinner.

MMA offered 3 places for MMA medical student member from USM to attend the workshop. A student of ours even volunteered to be the model patient during the maneuver demonstration.
There will be a lot more such workshops and talks in the future. Be part of MMA to enjoy these and many more benefits!

*MMA forms available from Exco Perhubungan Luar PSP, Chee Wai Hong, 4th year medical student – 012-2525287

November 20, 2009

PSP and ReHAK in Health Camp @ Pengkalan Kubor

Persatuan Sains Perubatan (PSP) USMKK and Reproductive Health Association of Kelantan (ReHAK) was in a collaboration beginning this academic year. The collaboration was aimed at providing a channel for our students to be part of volunteer works with a nongovernmental organization and to instill a humble serving heart among our students.

The first event that saw PSP and ReHAK came together was a health camp at Sek. Men. Keb. Pengkalan Kubor 2 held in 31st October 2009.

Some might ask, “What is a health camp? 3 days 2 nights?”.
A health camp is a programme where ReHAK organized health talks, health exhibitions, some games for the children, and the all familiar health consultation and screening for the folks. At this point, some might say “Isn’t it the same like what we did in CFCS? What’s the big deal?”. Well, it’s yes, and no. Yes, our CFCS Residency 3 and 4 programmes bear similarities to a health camp, because this is what health personnels do – to educate the people with relevant health issues. And no, this programme is total volunteerism, and with volunteer participation from specialists from HUSM.

This first collaboration of PSP-ReHAK saw 14 year 4 PSP members showing their humble serving hearts to the community of Pengkalan Kubor. Our members helped out in manning the exhibitions, registrations, taking care of little children in games and colouring contest, and above all, making PSP proud! At the end of the day, they were given a certificate as a token of appreciation for their helping hands. But the most precious thing gained was not the certificate, it was the experience and the satisfaction gained from giving a hand to the community. Bravo to the 14 members of PSP for their volunteer participation in making the health camp a success, and bringing smiles to the folks of Pengkalan Kubor!

There will be more collaboration programmes to come in the future. So be on the lookout and don’t miss the chance to show the humble serving hearts of PSP members!

November 18, 2009

To First Yesrs - Selanjar II

PSP wishes all the first years who are taking coming Selanjar II examination beginning next week
All the Best. Good luck to all of you.

If you create an act, you create a habit.
If you create a habit, you create a character.
If you create a character, you create a destiny.
                                                               - andre Maurois

Selamat menjalani peperiksaan Selanjar II.

November 17, 2009

PSP Logo and Tshirt Design

Design your own PSP Tshirt and Logo

Every batch is welcomed to send as many designs as you wish
Winner will have their designs made as the Next PSP Tshirt 2010/2011
plus their batch name printed on it.

It's time to change the current logo.
Have your logo describing:
PSP as a whole
Underlying meaning for each symbol

Send your design to:
Zaleha (014-5188642)
Mardiah (013-7039214)

November 14, 2009

2009/2010 PSP Committee List

(Click to enlarge the diagram)

Committee List of Persatuan Sains Perubatan
Academic Session 2009/2010

Presiden : Mohd. Azizi bin Shaukani
Naib Presiden I : Liew Yen Yee
Naib Presiden II : Muhammad Akasah A.Latif
Naib Presiden III : Yogan A/L Jayakumar
Setiausaha I : Zunaizah binti Hilmi
Setiausaha II : Nur Aini binti Naser 
Bendahari I : Zurina binti Mt.Nor 
Bendahari II : Aizat bin Zainudin 

Exco Ekonomi : Fauzi bin Wahab
Exco Kerohanian : Wan Mohammad Fakhrudnizam 
Exco Akademik : Lim Wee Yi 
Exco Publisiti & Tugas-tugas Khas : Zaleha binti Kamaludin 
Exco Kebajikan : Mohammad Nur Amin Kalil 
Exco MFST : Muhammad Ruzaini bin Ikram 
Exco Teknologi Maklumat : Ho Yi Bin 
Exco Sukan & Rekreasi : Prakash A/L Narayanan
Exco Perhubungan Luar : Chee Wai Hong 
Exco Penyelidikan & Pembangunan : Kenneth Khoo Kay Leong 
Exco Penerbitan : Tay Mei Ee
Exco PPIP : Fariha binti Malik
Exco Grafik & Multimedia : Nur Mardhiyah Musa 

November 10, 2009

Request for Articles from Students